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A Limerick

By Scott Harker

War Protest

There once were some students from Kent,
Whose minds held an outraged content,
But the National Guard,
Took a stance that was hard,
And their bullets conveyed what they meant.
humor cartoon


The great thing about humor is that it can make us laugh and think at the same time. Comedy can diffuse tragedy by letting us see events from a slightly different viewpoint. The above limerick encapsulates a terrible moment in the Protest History of the United States. During the later stages of the Vietnam War, students from the University of Kent State in Ohio gathered to protest the continuance of the War. The National Guard was called out to insure the peace. At one point, in a moment of confusion, three students were shot and killed by National Guard Soldiers. It is my hope that this limerick keeps that bit of history fresh without us having to relive its emotional content.

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Another Limerick

By Scott Harker

A House on A Hill

There once was a house on a hill
Which had several glorious sills,
Where the pigeons would sit,
And deposit their sh-t,
If that house was alive it would kill.
house limerick

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Reversed A Rendition

A remarkable woman named Hanley
Whose courageous deeds were so "manly"
Reversed a rendition,
Of the marriage tradition,
And her husband became Mr. Hanley.

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